Dump Dolly – Hand & Finger Safety

We have talked about back and shoulder injuries from lifting heavy loads, but today we are looking at the hand.
Any manual handling task will involve the hands, whether lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying. Depending on what is being handled, it could be dangerous by itself. For example,  the hands could receive cuts if the load contains sharp objects such as broken glass, razors, etc.  If harsh chemicals are in the load the risk of chemical burns is present.
Hand injuries may also result from putting down a load. For instance, a finger may be bruised or broken if the finger(s) get caught in the transfer.   Likewise, your fingers could get stuck between the load and a dumpster or some other nearby obstacle.
Workers carrying and dumping trash/waste/materials are at risk for many injuries – many that a mechanical dumper will prevent.   Our customers have realized a Dump Dolly is the safest way for their workers to dump anything.  Give us a call and let us help you decide which Dump Dolly product is right for your needs.  If we do not have one to fit – we will make one!
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