Dump Dolly – School districts

School districts are often repeating customers. After testing out a Dump Dolly, they often purchase one for every campus in the district. Once a Dump Dolly has a chance to prove itself, the district’s desire is to protect its workers at every campus.
Most of the waste by weight from schools comes from just two categories: paper and card, and food waste. It’s not just classrooms that produce waste but includes all indoor and outdoor areas of the school (e.g. office, staff room, cafeteria, etc.)
It can be hard to visualize just how much waste a school produces, and the sources of the waste can also be surprising. The average secondary school produces 48.5 pounds of waste per pupil each academic year. The figure for primary schools is even higher at 99.21 pounds per pupil.
That is a great deal of waste to be dumped. Why risk an injury/exposure to an employee when a Dump Dolly is so affordable?

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