Dump Dolly – Sprain/Strain Injury

Don’t let trash cost you cash!
According to the National Safety Council Injury Facts 2015 edition, the average cost of a workers compensation claim was $36,894. The American Society of Safety Engineers estimates that indirect costs of those claims are often 20 times the direct costs.   Indirect costs such as the time it takes to report incidents, lower employee morale, work stoppages and bottlenecks, retraining of new employees, and the accommodation of injured personnel all create and add soft costs that can really add up, affecting the bottom line and often become critical in helping us tell the rest of the story.  The costs can be staggering.
Over 1/3 of all injuries in the workplace are ergonomic in nature and caused by overexertion including strains, sprains, or tears. According to a recent article published by the National Safety Council, the average direct cost of an ergonomic injury is sprain/strain injury is $12,800 dollars; cumulative trauma is $14,000, and a lower-back injury is $25,800. By applying the direct to indirect cost multiple to these numbers, you can see just how fast one injury to an employee’s back or shoulder can cost from $50,000 upwards to $100,000 using a very low 4x multiple for indirect costs.
Protect  all your employees from a lifting injury with a Dump Dolly for a small fraction the cost of one minor injury!
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