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Power Dump Dolly EZ-Latch


This Power Dump Dolly EZ-Latch can handle those dumpsters with the mouth of the dumpster up to 66”. It fits many manufacturers’ trash cans including the Toter, Rubber Maid, Cascade and Otto type trash can line to include the 32, 48, 64 and 96-gallon trash containers. Some dumpsters other than the roll-off type models, can vary in height. So, to make it easy for our customers, the DD103EZ will handle those slightly taller dumpsters. Just like all our Power models, this one comes with a battery charger/maintainer along with a 32gallon Toter trash can.

70″ Model — Handles up to a 53″ Dumpster
82″ Model — Handles up to a 66″ Dumpster
94″ Model — Handles up to a 72″ Dumpster

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About the Power Dump Dolly EZ-Latch

The Power Dump Dolly Easy-Latch (DD103EZ) is the simplest most effective design change yet by Dump Dolly, LLC. It allows the user to roll the trash can onto the Dump Dolly EZ-Latch, roll the dolly and can to the dumpster, press the power button to get the trash easily to top, then manually tip it into the dumpster. This process is much different from our current models. The Dump Dolly EZ-Latch does not need to secure the trash can with a bungee cord or to raise and lower a trash can anchor to secure the can to the dolly. It simply latches on.

The Dump Dolly EZ-Latch comes with one battery charger/maintainer. The Dump Dolly EZ-Latch is designed to work on all trash cans that have the metal lifting bar used for lifting. See the brands listed below. If your business needs more cans, they are readily available, just let us know. We got you covered.

70″ Model — Handles up to a 53″ Dumpster
82″ Model — Handles up to a 66″ Dumpster
94″ Model — Handles up to a 72″ Dumpster

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Introducing Dump Dolly’s EZ-Latch™. We have the “first”, the “best”, and the “safest” trash can dumping system of its kind on the planet. This Dump Dolly System was specifically designed to fit a Toter and Toter type trash can with the metal bar in front to include the 32, 48, 64 and 96 gallon size trash cans. If your business uses multiple cans and sizes, we have the answer to your risky, injury prone dumping process. Never has there been and easier or safer way for your employees to dump your trash. Perfect for schools, restaurants, bars, convention centers, rental companies and many other businesses.

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Well this is where the all new DUMP DOLLY POWER EZ-LATCH XT can help you. Now with the ability to reach those tall six foot edges of these large roll-off dumpsters, with just a push of the button, you are able to get a full heavy load to the top where one person can just tip the load over into the roll-off dumpster without fear of injury from lifting a heavy load. Taller roll-off dumpsters or may require the user to safely stand on a box or other type of platform to reach up to dump.

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