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“My staff and I couldn’t be happier with your product. It is very well built, easy to use and very effective at saving our backs! I highly recommend the Dump Dolly to anyone that has to lift heavy garbage cans into a dumpster. And the customer service has been wonderful-always nice when a company reaches out to you to see how you are liking their product. It is definitely worth the investment when you consider how many heavy cans you no longer have to lift, and no longer risking injury. Plus it’s just fun to use and the guests at my property get a kick out of seeing us use it! Thanks again to Gary and the crew at Dump Dolly!”

Shane M. | CNS Research Greenhouse Facilities Manager/Horticulturist

The University of Texas at Austin

“I do recommend the Dump Dolly, I have not experienced any cons personally. If anything, it is built to last and may be heavy to lean back and roll for some people, but they recommend using two people to dump heavy loads to begin with. It is taller than a normal dolly enabling you too lean it over and attach it the rim of the dumpster. I highly recommend watching the video on their website to make sure it meets your specific needs.

We use the hand crank model and have not had any maintenance issues, very well built and very sturdy. The dump dolly makes lifting heavy trash cans into a raised dumpster much easier than trying to have two people dead lift it off the ground, it has made a huge difference in our GH facilities dumping heavy, wet soil.

It has saved us time, labor costs, and has reduced the risk of back and hernia issues for me personally, especially when I lack additional help from the student workers. I used to keep two extra people on staff just to dump heavy soil, now I just need one.”

Dave S. | Operations Plant Supervisor

The Carillon at Bellevue Station

“Gary, Gary, Gary. This is the best device I have ever come across. Oh my gosh!!!! And everyone in the building is absolutely amazed at how easy it made doing trash today. I am just speechless on what a difference it made. Doing trash today it shaved off at least 20 minutes of my normal time to handle the work.

There may very well be additional orders coming up after I am able to share this with some of my sister properties. It really made doing the trash so much better and so much easier.

Thank you for working with me and for your patience the last few months.”

Joe R. | Dedicated Loss Control Manager

York Alternative Risk Solutions

“I see the value in your product due to my background in Safety.

A couple of additional types of injuries that I have seen from employees throwing trash bags manually that you don’t mention on your website:

  1. Rotator cuff tears – I have seen as many rotator cuff tears as I have seen back sprains due to throwing trash bags. The way the employees swing the bag to get them inside the dumpster is very bad. Rotator cuff surgery is just as expensive, sometimes more expensive that back surgery and often the surgery is less successful than back surgery.
  2. Needle sticks – this one is not as frequent as the rotator cuff tears, but I have seen several cases where someone discards a used needle in a trash back and the bag bounces against the employees leg causing a needle stick. This is potentially extremely costly claim. Best case scenario the claim is open for over six months; Every month the employee goes to get a blood test to see if he/she has contracted HIV or Hepatitis due to the needle stick. If, after 6 months of testing the employee is clean, then the claim will close. Worst case scenario, employee contracts HIV due to the needle stick and the claim is open until the employee dies. The claim could be in the millions depending on how long the employee lives because the claim would pay for meds and hospitalizations related to the disease contracted at work. So far the two times I have seen this injury, it went the best case scenario.”

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