Dump Dolly

A Two-Wheel Dolly and Trash Can Dumper
“A Safer Way to Dump your Trash”

Dump Dolly EZ-Latch (DD103EZ) $2695.00

Introducing Dump Dolly’s EZ-Latch™. We have the “first”, the “best”, and the “safest” trash can dumping system of its kind on the planet. This Dump Dolly System was specifically designed to fit a Toter and Toter type trash can with the metal bar in front to include the 32, 48 and 64 gallon size trash cans. If your business uses multiple cans and sizes, we have the answer to your risky, injury prone dumping process. Never has there been and easier or safer way for your employees to dump your trash. Perfect for schools, restaurants, bars, convention centers, rental companies and many other businesses.

Power Dump Dolly $2,395.00

The Power Dump Dolly™ has all the great features of the Crank Dump Dolly™, but with POWER, and lots of it too! Our new Power Dump Dolly™ will dump 125 lbs more than 40 times on a single charge. It is amazing! In less than 30 seconds you can empty your trash safer and easier than ever before. That’s right thirty seconds! 12 seconds up, 4 or 5 seconds to dump it, and 12 seconds down. Dumping the trash has never been easier. Designed to handle both square and round trash cans.

Crank Dump Dolly $1,495.00

The Crank Dump Dolly™ is constructed of the same durable, rust-free lightweight aluminum, but has been outfitted with a manually operated auto-braking winch. This makes it much safer and easier for the user to raise and lower heavy loads, further reducing the risk of injury from an improperly executed lift. The Crank Dump Dolly™ is perfect for businesses and organizations that deal with heavy trash cans on a daily basis. Designed to handle both square and round trash cans.

Standard Dolly $399.00

Have you ever had the need in your business for a taller, wider dolly or hand truck to handle stacked boxes or move tall equipment? Well, our Standard Dolly is taller and wider than conventional dollies. The Standard Dolly is 70″ tall and 15″ wide and just as easy to maneuver as our other three dollies. Made of our exclusive, lightweight extruded aluminum side rails, we also use flat free, mark free tires, to make it as easy as possible to use.

Eliminating Workplace Trash Injuries

The Dump Dolly™ is a new two-wheel dolly or hand truck specifically designed to help you or your employees safely dump the trash. It will help you empty your trash into a dumpster or onto a trailer safer and easier than ever before. Thanks to its ergonomic design, using the Dump Dolly™ couldn’t be easier. First, secure the garbage can to the Dump Dolly™. Second, slide the rolling carriage up to the mouth of the dumpster where it locks in place. Third, safely dump the trash. Dump Dolly™ manages and controls that lift, making the process much safer and easier than ever before.

Step 1: Lean it Back – Tilt the Dump Dolly backward. It will hook right on to the dumpster which creates a ramp.

Step 2: Slide up and lock at the top – Slide the trash up the Dump Dolly’s heavy-duty low-maintenance roller bearings. The dolly will lock the can in place at the top.

Step 3: Dump the trash – With the trash can locked at the top, it’s an easy dump to empty your trash can and lower it back down.

All of our dollies can be custom built to fit your specific trash can and/or system’s needs.

“Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work in the United States. The Dump Dolly reduces the possibility of repetitive stress injuries to the back and shoulders that can lead to chronic pain and disability.”
-Dr. Ryan Dunphy, D.C.
Badgerland Chiropractic

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