Dump Dolly EZ-Latch XT

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Contractors, construction yard foremen, re-modelers, and anyone that uses a roll-off dumpster, please take notice! The Dump Dolly Power EZ-Latch XT (EXTENDED LENGTH) stands 90” tall, 24” taller than our standard height models, and was designed specifically for use on the roll-off dumpster. Powered by a 12v battery and heavy-duty winch, it easily lifts heavy loaded trash cans to the top of a dumpster where the trash container can now be easily and safely dumped.

Ruggedly built and has an all-aluminum welded rust-proof frame, the XT will dump 120-pound loads 30-40 times on a single charge. Battery/Maintainer is included, and we recommend charging the battery nightly. 32-gallon Toter wheeled trash can included.

While the Dump Dolly Power EZ-Latch XT can reach the edge of these 72” tall dumpsters, some workers or users may require the use of a step up box, or step-stool, to complete the final dump.

Additional trash cans in various sizes, sold separately.

All of our dollies can be customized to fit your specific trash can and/or system’s needs. 32 Gallon trash can included in purchase. Replacement upgrades in can sizes are available with a price adjustment.

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Additional information

Weight 92 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 22 × 25 in


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