Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dump Dolly™?
A Dump Dolly™ is much like any other heavy duty two-wheel dolly or hand truck and is used for many of the same tasks. You move things around with them. Whether it be commercial, residential or industrial, two wheel dollies have been a useful tool for many years and will be for many more years to come. What makes Dump Dolly™ different? It has an added feature that that no other hand truck has. This added feature will greatly assist the process of emptying a large garbage container into a dumpster or even onto the bed of a trailer.

With Dump Dolly™, the garbage container sits on a rolling carriage mounted on low maintenance roller bearings. This setup gives you the ability to slide your trash container up to just above the mouth of the dumpster where it locks in place, making it easier to simply tilt and dump the contents of the container into the dumpster. This makes the entire dumping process a lot safer, easier and puts a lot less strain on your body. It is a much better and safer way to manage “that” lift.

What is a Dump Dolly™ made of?
Dump Dolly™ is constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum. The 15-1/2 inch all-welded aluminum frame is built with two reinforced aluminum “C” channel rails with four welded aluminum cross members. The Dump Dolly™ is built for work and built to last. The sliding section of the Dump Dolly™ uses heavy-duty low maintenance roller bearings for a smooth slide up the Dump Dolly™ rails.
How much does Dump Dolly™ weigh?
Dump Dolly™ currently weighs approximately 58 pounds. We are constantly working on ways to make it lighter while still maintaining it’s integrity and durability.
Can the Dump Dolly™ be used for other things rather than lifting a trash container?
A Dump Dolly™ is much like any other heavy duty two-wheel dolly or hand truck. You can use it just like any other two-wheel dolly or hand truck. Whether it be commercial, residential or industrial, two-wheel hand trucks have been a very useful tool for many years and will be for many more years to come.
Is there a maximum weight that can be raised by the Dump Dolly™?
Dump Dolly™ used as a hand truck is rated as a 400 lb hand truck. In Dump Dolly™ mode it is designed for two people to lift a maximum of 120 lbs and a maximum of 75 lbs for one person.

It is the responsibility of every individual to always use common sense and caution prior to lifting anything.

Who should have a Dump Dolly™?
Well, that’s a no-brainer for us! We think that if there is a dumpster in the back, you can’t afford to not have a Dump Dolly™. Just about every business in America has a Dumpster in the back. Someone, whether it be the owner or an employee, is at risk of injury every time they carry out the garbage. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. With a Dump Dolly™, you can be smart and minimize your risk of injury. Restaurants, construction companies, hospitals, fast food chains, convenience stores, schools, and industrial plants are famous for having heavy containers that need to be emptied into a dumpster. The list goes on and on. Whether your needs are commercial, Industrial, or residential, if there’s a dumpster in the back, we have the solution!

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