Dump Dolly – Reducing Trash Exposure

At Dump Dolly, we wanted to ensure the lid on the trash can would stay closed until it was totally over the dumpster and dumping the trash. This makes certain all the garbage lands in the dumpster, but safeguarding the worker’s health was the major factor in this design. The lid can crush or cut the hands, or even cause a lightweight container to tip over backward.  Reducing exposure to trash is the end goal.
Not a pleasant discussion, but hazardous materials inside trash cans are a huge source of disease, dangers, and exposure risk. Injuries from broken glass, used medical needles, infectious waste, hazardous cleanup, nails from construction debris, and many other waste items are lurking in those trash cans. Bacteria, insects, and vermin thrive from the garbage. Contact with garbage poses the risk of contracting with salmonella, food poisoning, enteric fever, gastroenteritis, and other major illnesses. There are also skin diseases/irritations and respiratory allergies/problems to worry about.
Why risk any of these exposures to your employees who take out the trash? Give us a call and let us help eliminate these risks!
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