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Introducing the all-new Dump Dolly™ EZ-Latch

What is an EZ-Latch? It is a trash can dumper that latches to a specific trash container, and that makes it very EZ. It’s not Rocket Science, but a first of it’s kind and a safer and easier way to dump your trash. Works with Toter, Rubbermaid, Otto, U-line, Cascade Intl., trash cans and more.

We have the “first”, the “best”, and the “safest” trash can dumping system of its kind on the planet. This Dump Dolly System was specifically designed to fit a Toter and Toter type trash can with the metal bar in front to include the 32, 48 and 64 gallon size trash cans. If your business uses multiple cans and sizes, we have the answer to your risky, injury prone dumping process. Never has there been and easier or safer way for your employees to dump your trash. Perfect for schools, restaurants, bars, convention centers, rental companies and many other businesses.

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