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“A safer way to dump your trash.”
At least ten million times a day, people are at risk of injury, just dumping the trash. Our mission is to reduce the risk of injury and minimize company exposure to unnecessary lawsuits by making it safer and easier for companies, and their employees, to dump their trash into a dumpster. Dump Dolly does just that! Its ergonomic design helps protect the user from overexertion when lifting heavy loads.

If you or any of your employees have to take out a heavy trash during the workday, please consider using one of our Dump Dollys.

The Dump Dolly was designed in 2012 by Shay Scott, founder of Dump Dolly LLC, to better the health of individuals who manually lift heavy cans of waste in a commercial or non-commercial environment.

Dump Dolly, LLC is a Veteran owned and operated American business.

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