Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch

What is a Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch?

Introducing Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch™ trash can dumper. We have developed the “first”, the “best”, and the “safest” trash can dumping system of its kind. This Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch was specifically designed to handle just about all trash cans with the metal lifting bar on the front of it. These heavy duty containers with the metal lifting bar are manufactured by all the major brands such as Toter, Rubbermaid, Otto, U-line, Cascade Intl., and more. These include the 32, 48, and 64-gallon trash cans and most all other sizes in between. The Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch was specifically designed to fit these specific types of trash containers (illustrated below).

Whether your business uses 1, 2, 5, 10 or 50 trash containers, Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch trash can dumper is the answer to your RISKY, injury prone dumping process. Never has there been an easier or safer way for your employees to dump your trash into a dumpster. Perfect for schools, cafeterias or janitorial people, restaurants, bars to dump nightly bottles, convention centers, rental companies, resorts and many other business types. Not necessarily only for dumping into a dumpster, but for use with many other industrial applications.

  • Includes a 32 gallon Toter Trash can. Other sizes available
  • 90-day limited manufacturer’s warranty on winch
  • Overall height: 70 inches
  • Overall width: 24.5 inches
  • Unloaded depth: 24 inches
  • Unloaded weight: 85 pounds
  • Frame width: 15.25 inches
  • Tires: 10″ x 3″ flat-free mark-free
  • 5/8″ steel axle
  • Max hand-truck capacity: 400 lbs
  • Powered lift max dumping capacity: 120 lbs
  • One inch custom handle grips
  • No assembly required!

Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch

The Crank Dump Dolly Easy-Latch (DD102EZ) is the simplest most effective design change yet by Dump Dolly, LLC. It allows the user to roll the trash can onto the Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch, press the locking latch down onto the can, roll the dolly and can to the dumpster, press the power button to get the trash easily to top, then manually tip it into the dumpster. This process is much different from our current models. The Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch does not need to secure the trash can with a bungee cord or to raise and lower a trash can anchor to secure the can to the dolly. It simply latches on.

In addition to the 32-gallon Toter can, the Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch also comes with one battery charger/maintainer. The Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch is designed to work on all trash cans that have the metal lifting bar used for lifting. See the brands listed below. Your order includes one 32-gallon Toter ANA32 trash can and if your business needs more cans, they are readily available, just let us know. We got you covered.

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Toter Company Cans

The “Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch” can dump all these sizes and more!

Our system can dump almost any brand of can including Rubbermaid, Toter, Otto, Uline, Cascade Carts, and more. Not sure about your can? Click here to get in touch!

Reduce the Weight, Reduce the Risk!

Up to 60% Weight Reduction!

The “Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch” reduces the weight of your load by up to 60%! Watch as the video illustrates how we transform a 100lb trash can into less than 40lb. The EZ-Latch allows the user to simply load the container onto the dolly, lean it back against the dumpster, push the “up” button to take the load to the top, and then you just dump it.

The “Crank Dump Dolly EZ-Latch” proves to be the safest way to dump your trash. Reduce the weight, reduce the risk!

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