DUMP DOLLY – Injuries dumping trash

Custodians suffer back injuries when throwing out garbage because dumpsters are too high from the ground. The action requires force and awkward postures. The motion of hoisting or swinging heavy bags or lifting and dumping heavy cans to get them up, over, and into a dumpster can cost a school, hospital, hotel, municipality, or any other employer plenty. Insurance provider Travelers Company examined more than 1.5 million workers’ compensation claims and found the top workplace injury was:

1. Materials handling (32% of all claims)

In unprotected environments, custodians are at high risk for these injuries. According to the 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, workers’ compensation costs for disabling but non-fatal injuries cost nearly $59.9 billion dollars. The top injury: overexertion ($13.8 billion or 23%).

The investment in a Dump Dolly is a fraction of the average $40,000.00 it costs businesses to cover a back injury