Dump Dolly – The cost of a back injury

How much are your employees worth?

According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, janitors and cleaners suffered more than 46,000 injuries requiring days away from work and had the 16th highest injury rate of all occupations. The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) estimates the average employer cost for a workplace back injury is $60,618. More than 60 percent of these were back and shoulder injuries, often caused by overexertion due to lifting or pushing heavy loads in carts, trash cans, and emptying trash cans into dumpsters.

For a fraction of the cost of one injury, your workers could bypass the overexertion, lifting, pushing, and dumping – thus bypassing the associated injuries. Dump Dolly has a solution for your dumping needs – Give us a call!!

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