Dump Dolly – Anywhere that prepares and serves food for a community, whether it is a school, prison, restaurant, hospital, fast food chain, cafeteria, or other preparation area finds themselves with huge amounts of food waste to dump at the end of the day.

According to Waste360.com, food waste includes uneaten portion of meals in addition to the trimmings and waste from food preparation.  Food waste is the third largest component of generated waste by weight.  Add in the disposable products such as napkins, plates, utensils, foil, etc., and the weight of trash cans going to the dumpster continues to increase.  
These are the reasons we get called for a solution.  Often, it is after a lifting injury and the employer is looking for ways to prevent a reoccurrence.  Many times, however, it is prior to an injury and the employer is seeking ways to prevent an injury from occurring.  Receptacles come in many shapes and sizes we have learned over the years, and we have worked with employers to determine which Dump Dolly would best suit their individual needs.  Redesign may be needed, but often we have just the Dump Dolly to alleviate lifting/dumping injuries in their workplace environment.
How are your workers dumping 150 plus pounds?