Dump Dolly – Both frequent and occasional lifting and twisting can cause a variety of injuries.

1. Muscle strains and sprains.
2. Back injuries.
3. Spine injuries.
4. Overexertion.
5. Tendonitis.
6. Rotator cuff injuries.
7. Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
The Dump Dolly was created to eliminate the need for heavy lifting/twisting while emptying garbage cans into dumpsters. Using a Dump Dolly solved the problem of transferring waste from a facility to the outside dumpster while preventing injuries to the workers tasked to do so. Since we began, we have collaborated with many employers and safety professionals who were seeking safe alternatives for their workers who were lifting/dumping other material from containers into a variety of receptacles.
Whatever workers are lifting to dump, using mechanical devices to take the weight off while eliminating the lifting and twisting prevents injuries.
How are your workers lifting and dumping 150 pounds? 200 pounds?  250 pounds?